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Tea Basics

It’s tea time! While strictly speaking, the word “tea” refers to caffeinated beverages prepared from varieties of the plant Camellia sinensis, a flowering shrub native to Asia, for many, “tea” also denotes other beverages made by steeping herbs, spices, and dried fruits in hot or cold water. These are more...
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It’s Good Being Here

45 years in business.  About middle age (or maybe old for a business!).  It’s a good time to reflect on where New Morning has been and where our experiences have led us.  It’s a time to look ahead and plan for a promising future.  But most significantly a time to...
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Local Apples!

So it’s almost Fall and the first of the local apple harvest is upon us. For me, LOCAL apples are the flavor of the season. They serve up the best flavor, whether eaten out of hand, sipped as cider, baked into pies and cobblers or cooked into applesauce, apple butter...
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