Are We Becoming Gods?
Fridays, 3/17, 3/31, 4/14  6pm
Sachin Hazen
A series of presentations/discussions/circles, every other Friday, led by holistic psychotherapist and intuitive Sachin Hazen.  Humanity is evolving so rapidly, collectively and individually, that we are all developing abilities/powers that have been dormant within us.  The purpose of these evenings is to illuminate this process and to support individual and collective development.  Topics will include, among others, raising our vibration, manifesting what we want, being in the presence of advanced beings, the mystery of immortality, sexuality as a gateway to the Divine.  Music, meditation, and essential oils will be part of each session.  Important reading:  Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak & The Door of Everything by Ruby Nelson. 1 Ticket $15.00 – click on date of class above.

 4 Tickets $40.00

Organic Vegetable Gardening….from the ground up!
Saturday March 25th 10:00 a.m.
Sue Lavallee – Regional Sales Manager Coast of Maine Organic Products, Inc.
Do you want to have a healthy and productive organic vegetable garden? Then it will take more than just replacing chemical fertilizers and pesticides with organic ones.  It will also involve the proper conditioning of your garden beds with organic matter every year.  Experienced gardeners know that building the soil is the single, most important aspect of organic vegetable gardening.  Doing this will produce incredibly vigorous, productive, and disease resistant vegetable plants.  Learn how to grow vegetables that have exceptional flavor and the added benefit of a higher nutritional value!   Whether you are a beginning gardener, a more experienced gardener or are just interested in learning more about soil and bed preparation, please join us. Topics include the 4 types of soil, the till vs. no-till method of gardening, yearly conditioning of your soil, the Soil Food Web, raised bed gardening and many helpful gardening tips.
Tickets $5.00

Singer Songwriters Series
Saturday, March 25th 7:00pm
Come join us for another incredible evening of music with 4 local singer songwriters performing original music upstairs in the handicapped accessible Community Room. Doors open at 7 pm. Snacks will be available for purchase and donations for the performance are graciously accepted.  Info: Doug Mahard at 203-266-6688.

Healthy Hair Healthy You
Shawne Johnson, Health Coach
Tuesday March 28th 6:30 pm
Is your hair shedding?  Looking thin?  Breaking or damaged?  Hair line receding or thinning?  This class is for you. Learn to: improve your eating habits to stimulate hair growth, information about hair supplements, recipes for herbal hair remedies.
Tickets: $5.00

Guided Meditation
Morgan Leever, MEd
Wednesday March 29th 6:30pm
Curious about meditation? Come experience an hour of guided meditation and sound healing aimed to help you release tension, sleep better, and cultivate overall happiness. No prior experience necessary! Beginners welcome and encouraged! For this class we will focus on how to use positivity to bring abundance to your life.
Tickets: $15.00

Saturday April 22, 11-4pm

Tarot Series
Saturdays, May 6th and June 17th from 11-1 p.m.
Leahjoy Pearson
March 4th tarot level 1
Learn basics, uncover myths, connect to your intuition and receive your own guiding tarot reading.
May 6th tarot level 2
Deepen your knowledge, tap into your intuition through meditation and creating your own spread.
June 17th tarot level 3
Sharpen your insights.  Practice reading with a partner and learn tips to continue lifelong learning. Tickets $80.00

Tarot Level 2
Saturday May 6th 11-1 p.m.
Leahjoy Pearson
Deepen your knowledge, tap into your intuition through meditation and creating your own spread.  Tickets $30.00

Tarot Level 3
Saturday June 17th  11-1 p.m.
Leahjoy Pearson
Sharpen your insights.  Practice reading with a partner and learn tips to continue lifelong learning. Tickets $30.00


Nutritionist and Clinical Herbalist
Alison Birks, MS (AHG) CNS.
Email: or call to schedule: 203-263-0673 ext. 355

Dr. Shawn Carney, N.D.
Fridays 9am – 1pm and every 3rd Saturday
Call to schedule: 800-723-2962

EFT HolisticTherapy
Dawyn Cloud-Alter, B.S., M.S.M.F.T., C.F.H., E.F.T.

Call to schedule: 203-297-4193


Kundalini Yoga Classes
Anne Novak
Mon & Thurs 6:00pm /Tues & Fri 9:00am
A dynamic combination of movement, postures, breath work practices, meditation, and sound healing with the gong which strengthens the flow of healing energy through the body, improving physical health and fitness, relieving stress and allowing us to deeply relax and enjoy life. Appropriate for all levels of experience and fitness. No registration
required! Info: