Time to Order Your Holiday Turkey!

thanksgiving_image_cropPlease Call To Reserve (203) 263-4868

We will also have fresh turkeys available in the meat case if you’re undecided or not sure what you’re going to need! We got you covered.

Stonewood  Fresh Natural Turkey $4.29/lb
Naturally raised in open sided barns with good ventilation on a family owned and operated farm in VT.  Never given antibiotics or hormones.  Fed an all natural vegetarian diet.  No animal by-products.
Sizes:   14-17lb, 18-22lb, 22-25lb, 26-29, 30+ CALL to order: 203.263.4868

Plainville Farm Fresh Natural Turkey $3.99/lb
Pasture-raised in a free range environment and fed an all natural vegetarian diet.  Humanely raised.  Never given antibiotics or hormones.  No animal by-products.
Sizes:   16-17lb,  18-19lb,  24-25lb, 26-27lb,  28-29lb. CALL to order: 203.263.4868

D’Artagnen Fresh Organic Turkeys $5.49
Organic, Free Range.  Raised on a family farm with full access to the outdoors.  Fed an organic, non-gmo vegetarian diet and pure spring water.  No protein supplements, by-products pesticides or herbicides.
Sizes: 8-11lb,  12-15lb, 16-19lb, 20-23lb, 24-28lb. Limited availability please call to order: 203.263.4868) CALL to order: 203.263.4868

Northwind Heritage Bronze Fresh Turkey $8.99lb.
Heritage Bronze.  All natural pasture raised on a family farm in Hudson Valley NY.  Never given antibiotics or hormones.  Sizes: 12-15lb,  16-20lb. CALL to order: 203.263.4868

The Earlier you reserve your turkey the more choices you will have.  Suggested serving size for turkey is 1-2 pounds person- plus some leftovers.  Please remember that your turkey could arrive at either the upper or lower end of the size range.  We will make every effort to match a turkey to your size request.   Reserve your turkey now sizes are limited.