Gardeners Start Your Seedlings!

Herbs are captivating plants that wow us with their flavor, fragrance, and medicinal uses. You don’t need a formal vegetable or herb garden to plant these treats; you can grow them in pots or tuck them into a perennial border or a foundation planting. Most herbs require a lot of sun and average soil conditions and many do well in sandy soil. Because of their strong fragrance and flavor, garden critters like deer and groundhogs tend to avoid them. Another benefit is that many of our favorite herbs are perennials that come back each year.

As with vegetable gardening, choosing which herbs to plant is important. Start with flavors and fragrances you love and try one or two varieties of something different. New Morning carries popular favorites – basil, thyme, oregano, dill, parsley, and more – as well as a few unusual herbs for the adventurous. Visit us today and pick up seed packets from small family farms for your spring gardening. Also, keep a look out for the locally grown vegetable, herb and heirloom tomato starters that will be coming all spring. These plants were grown right here in our area so they’re sure to thrive in your back yard!

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