It’s Turkey Time!

Still shopping for your Thanksgiving turkey? Please call to see what we have available.

New Morning offers four different fresh turkeys—all carefully selected based on quality standards for animal care and, of course, flavor.

“Once you start eating these turkeys, you don’t want to touch any other turkeys,” said Paul Chan, New Morning’s Meat and Seafood Manager.

Our best-selling bird comes from Stonewood Farm in Orwell, VT. A family-owned-and-operated business since 1976, Stonewood Farm raises turkeys in well-ventilated open-sided barns and handles the harvest on-site in a USDA processing plant. Stonewood’s standards translate to slow-growing turkeys that are moist and delicious on the plate. Paul said, “They have awesome flavor and texture.”

Plainville Farms has almost 200 years invested in family farming. They’re committed to humane animal treatment—providing their turkeys ample room in temperature-controlled barns and free access to feed and water. As is true of New Morning’s entire turkey selection, Plainville Farms’ turkeys have never been given antibiotics or hormones, or fed animal by-products. Their turkeys are “always a good product,” according to Paul.

New Morning also offers certified organic turkeys from D’Artagnan. Organic guidelines require a diet that is both non-GMO and produced without pesticides and herbicides. Raised on small-scale family farms in the mid-west, D’Artagnan’s free-range fowl have full access to the outdoors. How do they taste? Paul said customers “rave about D’Artagnan” and tend to make them a family tradition.

Northwind Farms in New York’s Hudson Valley knows about tradition. Northwind has specialized in pastured livestock, raised without chemicals, since it 1981. Their “Standard Bronze” turkeys are a heritage breed dating back to the 1700s, and were once the most widely produced turkey in America. They have more dark meat and more flavor, said Paul.

Which turkey is Paul’s holiday favorite? “For my wallet, it’s Stonewood.” He adds, “You’re not going to go wrong with any one of them.”


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