It’s Local Apple Time Again!

So it’s almost Fall and the first of the local apple harvest is upon us.  For me, LOCAL apples are the flavor of the season.  They serve up the best flavor, whether eaten out of hand, sipped as cider, baked into pies and cobblers or cooked into applesauce, cider jelly or my favoirte apple butter.  When enjoying these foods, I feel connected to long standing New England traditions and rituals that surround the harvest. And, considering how pervasive the saying “As American as apple pie” is, I was surprised to learn that this versatile fruit is not a native to North America but originated in the Middle East and was brought to Europe by the Romans!
Apples are “good keepers” and will last for many months in cold storage like the root cellars that the first Colonists used! Wayne Young, pictured above among the apple trees his father planted more than 60 years ago, provides New Morning Market with dozens of apple varieties including old heirlooms like Gravenstein and Rhode Island Greening which are still favorites today.  Many other delicious varieties become available throughout the season so check back often!

For 45 years, “to do good” has been one of New Morning’s operating principals. Supporting local orchards like High Hill, that grow apples using farming practices that are easier on the environment is right in line with our mission. So join me in savoring the LOCAL flavor of Fall!  Good Food, Good People, Good Life. Come share with us. ~ John Pittari

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