Time to Order Your Holiday Turkey!

It’s time to order your holiday turkey! The earlier you reserve the more choices you have!

D’Artagnan Fresh Organic Turkey $5.49/lb.
Organic, Free Range.  Raised on a family farm with full access to the outdoors.  Fed an organic,  non-gmo, vegetarian diet and pure spring water.  No protein supplements, by-products, pesticides or herbicides.
Sizes: 8-12 lbs.,  12-16 lbs.,  16-20 lbs.,  20-24 lbs.,24-28 lbs.

Stonewood Fresh Natural Turkey $4.29/lb
Naturally raised in open sided barns with good ventilation on a family owned and operated farm in VT.  Never given hormones or antibiotics.  Fed an all natural vegetarian diet.  No animal by-products.
Sizes:14-17 lbs.,  18-21 lbs., 22-25 lbs., 26-29 lbs., 30+ lbs.

Plainville Farm Fresh Natural Turkey $3.99/lb
Pasture-raised in a free range environment and fed an all natural vegetarian diet.  Humanely raised.  Never given antibiotics or hormones.  No animal by-products.
Sizes: 10-12 lbs.,  12-14 lbs.,  14-16 lbs.,  16-18 lbs., 18-20 lbs., 20-22 lbs., 22-24 lbs.,       24-26 lbs.,  26-28 lbs., 28-30 lbs.

Northwind Heritage Bronze Fresh Turkey $8.99/lb.
These black feathered birds are 100% pasture raised in Tivoli, NY.  They are never given medication, hormones, or growth stimulants.  The heritage Bronze breed is known for its full, rich game bird-like flavor.  Sizes: 12-16 lbs16-20 lbs.