What’s New at the Vitality Center?

One of New Morning’s core values and an important part of our mission is “to gather a community of holistic health professionals who share in a vision of how to live a healthful, wholesome and sustainable life”. And that’s just what we’re doing with our 2nd floor Vitality Center. Our hope is that it will continue to evolve into a vibrant center that provides community, healing, education, and nourishing experiences.  As we carefully choose practitioners who we believe share in our vision, we are delighted to see this hope taking shape.

Currently we are honored to offer you Naturopathic Services, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Herbalism, EFT, Holistic Marriage and Family Counseling, Massage Therapy, Qigong, Guided Meditation and Sound Healing, Reiki and Kundalini Yoga. Each of our practitioners are passionate about what they do which is why we are so excited and grateful to have them as part of this growing dynamic team at the Vitality Center. You can read more about each of them and what they do at here or pick up a brochure in the store.

New Morning Market – bringing good food, to good people, for a good life.  Come share with us!

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